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Yes,  We have a couple location in the San Diego, CA area as shown on our store locator.

If you do not see your gun model in the drop down menu, it means we do not offer it at this time. We are not accepting any fully custom builds, but we do invite you to email us and let us know you are requesting whatever gun model it is. Requests are reviewed often and will be added according to customer demands.

Maybe... If your order has begun the production process, we can not make any changes. If it has NOT begun the production process, we CAN make changes! Shoot us an email and we can take a look at where your order is. (the time it takes for an order to enter production will fluctuate based on order volume)

Who knows?! If you are extremely over weight (no offense), appendix carry probably isn't for you. On the same note, everything is relative. If you have never carried appendix before, you're going to be sore for the first little while, no matter what holster you use. The key to sitting with an appendix carry holster is just a slight adjustment. The holster should be sitting vertically against your torso, and almost feel as though the bottom is sitting on your lap.

No.In order for a light compatible holster to work properly the light must always be on the firearm while using the holster. Without it, there is too much open space and can allow the firearm to move around more than it should.

Light compatible holsters use friction retention to secure the firearm in the holster, so you will not get an audible click when holstering them. The channeling required to fit the light takes away the ability to add a locking retention point around the trigger guard, leaves a little gap on the guard, and we can not create a locking point on the light without risking damage to the light itself, which would also result in extremely fast wear on the holster.

We have Military, Law Enforcement Discount codes available for any order you place! Please email, info@censoredtactical.com or message us in the chat box to obtain. 

We love custom orders and would love to make something unique for you! Please email info@censoredtactical.com or message us in the chat box for full details regarding custom images.

  • AIWB - Appendix Inside Waistband
  • IWB - Inside Waistband
  • OWB - Outside Waistband